Nitrogen generators N-GEN

NM-GEN 2-50 / 75-100

Oxygen generators O-GEN

OC-GEN series


WOS Series

Membrane nitrogen generators NM-GEN

The membrane nitrogen generators NM-GEN extract the available nitrogen from the compressed air. Membrane nitrogen generators use hollow fibre membrane technology to separate nitrogen from other components in compressed air. The membrane uses the principle of selective permeation to produce purity nitrogen. Each gas has a characteristic permeation rate, which is a function of its ability to diffuse through a membrane. Oxygen is a fast gas and is selectively diffused through the membrane wall, while nitrogen is allowed to travel along the inside of the fibre, thus creating a nitrogen-rich product stream. The oxygen-enriched gas, or permeate, is vented from the membrane separator at atmospheric pressure.Most of the slow gases and a very small amount of the fast gases continue to travel through the fibre until they reach the end of the membrane separator, where the product nitrogen gas is piped to the application.

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Oxygen generators OC-GEN series

OC-GEN PSA generators have been designed for continuous separation of oxygen from compressed air. Operation of the generator requires two columns operated alternately. Separation takes place under pressure in the first column while the second column regenerates with a portion of already produced oxygen at ambient pressure. The generator consists of upper and lower control block, controller, two columns filled with adsorption material. Whole generator is closed in a compact stainless steel cabinet. Springs in the columns make sure that the adsorption material will not move during operation. Proven robust design enables efficient and reliable operation, fast installation and simple maintenance.

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